Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Word of the day..

Work is so....suckish today, if I can steal my son Gavin's word of the moment. Anytime life doesn't go perfectly smooth for Gav...it's "suckish". As in, "Why is it raining, when I want to go bow hunting, man my life is so suckish!!" Or, "We had meatloaf today at school, it was kind of suckish." I giggle because I constantly make up words that don't exist, and I'm definitely digging suckish!

That's exactly the word that came to mind, in the midst of being completely overwhelmed by problems at work today. This has been a really suckish day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Joys of motherhood

I've got a million "laugh about it later" stories. Stories where at the time are tear inducing and cringe worthy...but after the dust settles we tell again and again, laughing all the while.

This weekend Gavin (whom most "laugh about it later stories" are about) decided to hotwire(?) my brother-in-law's excavator. Well, not sure if his intentions were to actually start it and drive off, as "oh wow there's an ignition I'm going to stick something in it". At any rate the thing he stuck in the ignition being a pocket knife broke off in the ignition. Gavin of course had "no idea" how this happened, and it definitely "wasn't him". All the while our youngest son Cash was nodding his head telling us, "Yes, you did Gavin". I was livid & horrified all at once. Where did he get the pocket knife? Where was my husband when all of this was going down? My brother-in-law needs his equipment to work, will this mess up jobs he's doing this week? Will he loose out on money because of us? How much will it cost to repair an excavator? Why did my son lie to me? How in the hell did he break heavy equipment?

Thankfully my brother-in-law was very understanding. Gavin had to pick up rocks from the field all Sunday afternoon, and write front and back pages of "I will not lie to my mom and dad" (and fyi he spelled lie...."l-i-i"...which made me think about grounding him from his w-i-i!)I got the great news yesterday morning that 51.00 was the grand total of Gavin's debacle. So the funny story with my customers yesterday when they would complain about something their child had done, was "But has your child ever broken an excavator?....Didn't think so." I'm sure in one way or another I brightened their day, either with a chuckle, or the thought of "at least a (Phew) "My child has never done that !"