Thursday, October 30, 2008

My baby is 3 today!! I have mixed emotions about today. Of course, I'm so happy to be sharing this milestone with him today, but it's another reminder of how fast my kid's are growing.

I know I've shared with you once before that I have a birthday tradition with my children, that I stole from the movie "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood", where I wake the child on their birthdays, with their own cake,(including candles), and we party in our pajamas, in bed, eating cake for breakfast. I have another tradition, and this one actually includes the husband. We share the story of the child's birth with them, excluding the gory details, of course. We tell them what the weather was like that day, where we went, and so on and so forth. The kid's genuinely like to hear of their day.

So today, I'm going to share a brief rundown of Cash's birth day. It started on Saturday, October 29, 2005. I was due on the first of November, which happened to be my husband's birthday, and with our church Halloween party that evening, and Halloween that Monday. I was secretly hoping to wait until at least then.

After waking up in the mood.....for pancakes. Maddie and I took off for a day of shopping with the women in my husband's family. Gavin was going to bum around with his dad, we would meet up later that afternoon, and get the kid's ready for the party. Well, my good mood, quickly turned sour. I just didn't feel all. Not that anything in particular bothered me, I just felt blah! Even after returning home, I told my husband, "I'd give anything to not have to attend the Halloween Party that night."

We both thought a nap would help me, so I laid down with the kid's, while Cody went to help a neighbor. I awoke a little later, feeling fabulous. I felt amazing. I showered, shaved my legs, and really felt like fixing myself up. After getting ready, I got Maddie in her costume, and was just waking Gavin to dress him, when I felt my first contraction. And you know me, ever the procrastinator, I went to the bedroom to pack my bags....yes, feel free to tsk, tsk, here. While I was packing my bags, I felt another contraction, and just as I was about to call my husband, I saw him driving down our road, and I had yet another contraction.

This sent Cody into what can only be described as a downward spiral. He kept telling me to "Calm down", as he was racing through the house trying to get a shower, literally run into walls as he was doing so. I was calmly packing up the kid's, as he was frantically trying to get ahold of his grandma and cousin, every once in awhile shouting again for me to "Hang On, or Calm Down." By this time...I've still just had the three contractions, and am worried it's not even "time." At any rate we set a new world record for getting to the hospital from where we lived. I'm embarrassed to even admit how fast we made it to the hospital, so I won't.

It was actually pretty uneventful in the beginning. I was doing my breathing, Cody by my side, coaching like a pro. It wasn't until my contractions got so bad, I felt like I couldn't breathe, that my mom noticed the machine recording my contractions looked very.....busy. No sooner had she voiced her concern, did a nurse come in, putting an oxygen mask on me, telling me the baby was under a little stress, and that we would have the baby in a half hour.

I remember just holding my belly, and trying to memorize exactly how it felt to be pregnant, because we'd already decided this baby would be our last. And while I couldn't wait to meet him/or her(since I didn't know, although I had a clue)I was sad that it was over. And Cody was great, letting me have my time, understanding how hard that moment was for me. Silly, I know...but we all know rationality has never been my strong point.

Soon it was time. Cody was at my side, holding my hand cheerleading, a nurse at my other side doing the same. And that's when I saw,...the look...between the doctor and nurse. It was a quick look, but I caught it. They look that said, there is something wrong. I quickly turned wide-eyed to look at my husbad, who was oblivious to anything, but his cheering, and trying not to catch a peak of anything going on below my shoulders, telling me everything was fine. But everything was not fine. Cash was a big baby, and his football player shoulders were lodged. But thanks to a wonderful doctor, an amazingly strong 90 lb durse, and every ounce of energy I had, Cash was born....and was perfect.

And here we are 3 years later getting ready to celebrate with a big Construction Party, complete with a backhoe birthday cake.

Oh, and FYI, this is kind of neat....Cash was born in the middle of daylight savings times. So while he was born at 2:51 a.m., they had to backdate his birthtime to 1:51 a.m. Thought I would share.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sometimes things are not what they seem....

Spinach Wraps...I pictured this to be maybe a tortilla, with spinach leaves, & a tangy sauce. Let me back up, so you can jump aboard my thought process with me....

A few days ago, I notice on our local drive-in sign, an advertisement for Spinach Wraps. I've really been trying to maintain the healthy eating habits, I've established for the fam. So, after walking a couple miles with my mom on our lunch hour, I offered to buy lunch, if she was interested in a Spinach Wrap, too.

Well, let me tell you what a Spinach Wrap, really nuts! Spinach Wraps consist of my favorite food groups, which would be cheesy, spicy, and deeeepppp friiieeed, baby. Think spinach dip, deep fried, and served with Ranch Dipping Sauce, and no they do not have light, or fat-free, 'cause I asked. The only thing low-fat about my lunch was the Diet Pepsi, I was drinking with it.

Even though they were not at all what I had pictured or expected, and I probably defeated my whole purpose of walking on my lunch hour, and then some, they were awesome, and worth EVERY greasy bite (I paint such a pretty picture, I should totally be in advertising, ha ha).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Security Text

You know those text verification boxes? Where when you leave a comment, or for security purposes you type the funky letters in the box? Okay, does anyone else have a problem guessing which letters they are, or is it just me? I've done Trig problems that have been easier.

Bad timing

The husband has THE WORST timing, um....EVER!!! Anytime, I have made plans, I think he makes it a personal quest to f*u*b*a*r* it!

Example: Last night I planned on going to my cousin's to help with wedding decorations....granted I didn't have to be there until 6:30, but I thought it the perfect oppurtunity to drop a package by my sister-in-law's, and another drop off at one of my best friend's. I got thru parent teacher conferences (which were awesome..yay, and great work guys), picked up the kiddo's at two different places, raced home, and tore thru the house getting things in line for the husband to take over once he got home. Now, my Math skills are certainly nothing to brag about, but I do know what time he get's off work + the amount it takes to get home from work = 4:15. I received a call at about 4:13 asking what time he needed to be home. I went over my list of to-do's with him, and then asked where he was. a neighbors socializing. And he continued to socialized until past 5!! So needless to say, I did not get to pick up the shoes for the bridesmaid's dress, thus putting off the alterations until next week. I also, only made it by my sister-in-law's, not having time to make it by my friend's. But the s-i-l got to hear my vent's about the day, so while I felt better, she probably felt bewildered.

Bright Spots of the Evening: Jamming out to music along the way with Maddie. Nothing calms a person down like singing at the top of your lungs with your main chica. While we did not get much crafting accomplished at my cousin's we have an airtight, kick-ass game plan, that is so totally organized I may publish it in the local news, as neither one of us have EVER been accused of being organized. I also, had amazing conversation with the cuz, her cuz, and the coolest chic named Ashley. Good times, solving the world's problems, and comparing stories. I laughed so much, thank goodness there was no school today, because it would have made for a late night for Maddie, who sweetly watched t.v. and did not complain the entire time.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

(sigh) I'm so last minute, that I honestly disgust myself sometimes. Maybe it's that sliver of hippy in me dying to have some say. Or that I secretly like drama, so by waiting until the last minute, creates what I crave..Or maybe....ahhh...there it is that over-analizing control freak I've been looking for to take charge.

I'm in a wedding....on the 8th of November... I think I may have mentioned this. That's pretty close, right? Let's go over my to-do list, together shall we?

  • Borrow shoes
  • Have dress altered
  • Highlight hair/maintain eyebrows; schedule updo and make-up the day of
  • doing something about my pasty complexion I'm sporting at the moment. I REALLY do not want to lay in a tanning bed-but getting a spray tan is inconvenient, since I work here in town, and have 3 kid's, and an uber-hectic schedule.
  • Writing my wedding toast to the happy couple

Now let's see what I've accomplished thus far.

  • I have asked about the shoes, and it's up to me to go by and pick them up, hopefully tonight.
  • Once I have the shoes, I am heading to our little town's amazing seamstress; since the sewing genes are M.I.A. from my D.N.A. She does amazing work, and her prices are unbelievable.
  • As I'm typing right now, I am on the phone with my stylist (sounds so professional right? LOL) and I have a hair appointment, but not sure if she's available for the fixing me up the day of the wedding. Hmmm....she'll let me know next week. Double Hmmm....what to do, what to do.....what do you guys think, should I try to get in somewhere else?
  • As for the speech/toast, I have an idea, thanks to my insomnia, and my spasdic thought process. It's just getting my thoughts organized, and then memorized. I did check out a site of the Do's and Don'ts(okay how do you properly spell this: Don'ts, Don't's, Dont's-I'm having such a bad grammar day!) Anyway, one of the Do Not's(?) was Do not give your speech drunk! (Damn! jk-sort of) While I'm not a big drinker, I suffer from paralyzing stage fright. I'm terribly self-conscious and don't like people looking at me, AT ALL. I'm totally the girl pacing back and forth mumbling to myself in the bathroom, nursing a Bud Light. Yep, that is me, when I've given the few toasts/speeches I've given. And you know who you are, and you know how much I care for you to have put myself out there...FEEL SPECIAL PEOPLE...that's all I'm saying.

Okay, not so bad after writing it all down...but any helpful organizational tips will be welcomed. I can't promise the hippy in me will let me use them, but they will be appreciated.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I should have enjoyed my "uneventful" weekend, because this week is busy, busy.

Last night my boys had haircuts, and Maddie had piano lessons. Thankfully, I had put on a pot of soup in the trusty ol' crockpot that morning, and it was just about perfect by the time we got home.

Tonight, a meeting at Church for the Nominations Committee....check your caller i.d.'s tonight if you attend my church because we may come calling begging your help.

Wednesday I have an orthodontist appt. Long story short, karma is a bitch, and I've been a "lazy" invisalign wearer for some years now. I'll probably get a lecture, because it's been forever since I've last went for a check up. I dread it!

On Thursday, parent teacher conferences-yay!! I'm such a nerd I know! My kid's work very hard in school, and I love meeting with their teachers and hearing about their successes. I've honestly not had a bad one yet. Later that evening I'm going to my cousin's house for a meeting of minds. We are going to do crafts for her wedding (God help her-Crafty and Angie have never been words used in the same sentence) and plotting strategies on how best to decorate her reception hall for her wedding. Did I mention she is getting married on a particularly stellar day? That would be the 8th of November-my hubby's and my 111th anniversary. (Yes we have been married over a century, or so it seems!).

Friday is my one free day this week. Nothing planned, and hopefully nothing to plan.

Saturday, I'm going with my fabulous sister-in-law to watch her try on two equally fabulous dresses she has narrowed down for her re-nuptials(?). ( I say get both, one for the ceremony, and one for the reception-woo-hoo!) The story behind this, is my brother was whisked away to Flight School, so they opted for a small, intimate wedding, on May 09, 2007. Now the big she-bang is to follow on May 09, 2009.

Later Saturday evening our Church's annual Halloween Party. I so, love Halloween. And look forward to this party every year. The kid's have so much fun, with games, attendance prizes, costume judging, and usually a haunted house..... the best part though?.....the chili of course, and me not cooking it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been forever and a day, since I last posted. Not that I haven't had anything to talk about that was interesting, funny, or annoying to me. I just haven't had (okayyyy, made) the time. Lately, I've been itchy to jump back into the world of blogging, and hopefully, can stay on track.

You'll be pleased to know, that I am somewhat more organized, than when we last talked. I'm very proud of this, except, I think I may be becoming a bit more O.C.D than usual (I kid, I kid, sort of). While I'm not exactly creating crazy rituals in order from keeping my universe from spinning out of control. I have become obsessed with keeping everything on a tight schedule, in order to....well, keep my universe from spinning out of control. My inner control freak is slowly taking over the hippy that lives inside....

Back to the task at hand....telling you about my weekend. (obviously, the ADHD hasn't gotten any better) I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Friday night while Maddie was at a Halloween Party, (watching Children of the Corn, mind you, and not even scared, even though her mother to this day is still frightened of cornfields AND children with biblical names) the hubby and I took Cash and Gavin to Pizza Inn. The reason behind our restaurant choice? (bragging rights in three, two, one...) Gavin was "Student of the Week" raise the roof, hoot, hoot!! (Wow, this sounds much cuter when Maddie says it) Gavin if you remember has quite a time sitting still and concentrating, so this is a major deal, and we wanted to take him out in order to celebrate. After Pizza Inn, we went to his favorite store in the world, where he spent 30 minutes trying to decide what to spend his allowance money on. We headed back to pick our party animal up by 8:30, and I think were all asleep by 9:30....ahhh heaven.

Saturday we FINALLY tackled picking up the office, also known as...the catch-all room. I'm so pleased to report all that is in it, is a table, snapshots that I have yet to put in an album (my Wednesday project) and a couple Uppercase Living projects, that I am saving for a workday my mom and I are having, since neither of us are artistically inclined.

After our cleaning project we decided to just drive around, while I looked at the Fall leaves, and the boys looked for animals. Eventually, we made it home in time for a nap...takeout from the Eagles, and Cody & Gavin leaving for the evening to watch Mizzou lose :-(. Cash (who wasn't feeling well, and I who hadn't quite fully awoke from my power nap, hung out and made crayon roads for his trucks to drive thru, until he tuckered out. Then I settled in to watch Sex and the City movie. (I know I'm months late....but I've been busy, busy. While I liked the movie, I think I expected much more, and over-played it in my head, and was ever-so-slightly disappointed.) After the movie ended, the boys STILL weren't home, so I headed upstairs for a "Calgon take me away" moment, and to shave my legs sans interuptions. Had yet, another early to bed evening.....

.....And late to rise morning. Not long after we all got up, my sister-in-law (whom I think was feeling slightly suicidal) decided to take my sons to Meremac Springs for the day. She tackled (all by herself) my boys who are 7 & 2, her children: 3 & 13 months. You're a brave woman, and I salute you.....and Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because the last time my husband and I have had that many consequetive hours honestly too long ago to remember.

So what did we do? Was it romantic? Well, not exactly, but it was fun. We cut a load of much needed wood, as it get's chilly down in the Valley. After that, we spent time driving around the farm on the Gator, scientifically deciding where to hang deer stands, and blinds for the fast approaching Gun portion of Deer Season. While it may not have been my pick, it was a gorgeous day, and the man DID help me clean the office. And there was so much LAUGHTER. We genuinely do have a great time when we are together. I think that is what gets us through the tough times.

Well, hope you enjoyed hearing from me again. And hopefully, I can keep in touch. ;-)