Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thankgiving

I'm officially cried out, as in I don't have any tears left at the moment. I'm leaving my family for 4 days!! Well, I guess technically 3 days, being I'm leaving around noon today, and will hopefully arrive back in Vienna just in time for turkey!

I've never been away from my children for more than two nights....I know get a life, right?? I think I'll be okay and will enjoy myself, once we get on the's just the saying goodbye part that killed me.

Anyway, that is the reason you will not hear from me for a little bit....I'll be a few states away proudly watching my brother be rewarded for all of his hard work.

I hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is dedicated to the one I love....

Okay, so I briefly mentioned a few posts ago, that I recently celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary, but that's all the attention it got, both in blogger world, and in real life. I was in a wedding on our special day, and so wrapped up in that, I barely gave the anniv a 2nd thought.

So this post is dedicated to the man I have loved, since I was all of 13 years old. Here are 11 reasons why he's still "the one".

**He still makes me giddy at times, and I definitely still get the "butterflies".**

**He drives me absolutely crazy at times, which I find challenging. I could not respect a man that let's me railroad him. I enjoy going toe-to-toe with Cody, and I enjoy the making up even more.**

**My children look at him with complete hero-worship.Let's face it, there is nothing sexier than a man who is great with children, but to visibly see the children you created together's love for their father shining in their little's indescribable.**

**He makes me stop and smell the roses. Seriously, there are times he physically has to stop my motoring around like an absolute nutcase, and make me enjoy the beauty in life. It's no secret Cody likes to play, but he makes sure I play, too.**

**Which leads into, he wants me to go with him. I love that he enjoys my company and wants to be with me, would rather take me at times than his friends. Which is why you hear me talk about going gigging with him, or cutting wood with him, yeah sometimes it's not exactly my cup of tea, but that he wants me to go, makes me want to go.**

**We laugh together...A LOT. I'd go as far as saying in my world, "The couple who laughs together stays together". Because it's been our laughter that has gotten us through the gut wrenching times. And I do have to say we have the worst luck ever and if we couldn't laugh about it, we'd be in a very sad shape.**

**He's taught me to listen to the words of songs. Once again, this has to do with my inability to stop and smell the roses...but when he comes to me and tells me I need to hear a song, it's honestly like a love letter to me. Where he has trouble verbalizing his feelings, he finds it easy to compare us and our love to through this he has complimented our relationship.**

**He doesn't mind that my hair looks very 80's hairband in the morning, and prefers me without make-up. Being highstrung like I am makes it impossible for me to relax around people, so that I feel comfortable around Cody, is priceless to me.**

**He talks about racing wheelchairs around our wrap around porch one day. Corny, I know...but he sees us growing old together and still having as much fun when we are 80, than when we were teenagers.**

**Our children's future is just as important to him as it is me. Our lives are our children, and if their success in this world is our only success in this world, than we'll have had a good life. We share a dream of raising socially conscious, kind-hearted, hard-working adults, and work well as a team to ensure this happens.**

**He asked me once if we were soul-mates, and I replied,"I'm sure on paper there is someone that suits us both better". So no I do not believe in soul-mates in that respect, but I know without a single doubt, "I found the one whom my soul loves" Song of Solomon)and that without him, I would not feel whole.**

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay, I have to ask you all a serious question, come on be honest. Have any of you ever soaked your tampons in alcohol, and ahem....used them, in order to get a quick buzz?

According to Dr. Travis Stork (aka the Hot Doc on The Doctor's) this is actually something that women are doing. Hey, I'm with you....the thought of alcohol around the hoo-ha is one of the most unappealing thoughts I can conjure up, as well, but it was too unbelievable not to share.

Hope this provides a chuckle.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello, again!

I'm 29 and I've been a bit absentee lately, but the good news is I had 2 whole days off in a row, in the middle of the week. That hasn't happened since my last maternity leave. But having those two days off has meant doing double time here at the office to catch up. But in the end.....totally worth it.

So, what have I been up to? Recovering from this past weekend's wedding. Don't get me wrong it was a good time, but I'm thoroughly exhausted. I'm apparently a little more high maintenance than I thought I was. With tanning, and highlights, having hair and make-up done, a pedicure...after balancing my check book this week, it's expensive to be on tip of everything....and a whole hell of a lot of time and energy....both of which I'm usually on the short end of. That is why my friends you so often see me in a ponytail and jeans.

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride and groom (or handsome rather). Maddie and I "partied 'til we were purple" (yeah I don't get the sayings of 5th graders either). A bonus: My brother drove up from Alabama to attend. It was great seeing him, and in honor of his visit my parents hosted an impromptu Thanksgiving, since our Thanksgiving this year will be in Alabama, or Tennessee, or possibly Kentucky, depending on how energetic our driving is. (More on this situation later).

This week the school kid's had Stanford testing, which meant good news for Cody and myself...for the followining reasons...No homework, no Spelling lists to study, & early bedtimes!! Hooray for Stanford testing!!

I guess you heard the rumor deer season opens tomorrow. Or maybe guessed, if your husband's are anything like mine, the men have all lost their damn minds!! I haven't seen Cody so excited, since.....well, since last deer season. It has been extremely difficult to not roll my eyes as Cody excitedly plots his hunting strategy, and menu for the deer camp. Oh well, it's only once a year right?

As for my weekend plans...dinner and a movie with my kiddo's. frozen pizza, and a dvd we already have at home, & bread & pie baking for our church's Fall Supper tomorrow. Ooh, and hopefully the snow flurries they are calling for.

Tomorrow, a lazy Saturday until my shift at the Fall Supper. I love my position (granted it's a little high stress at times), but I never dread having to give up a Saturday night to do my job. And the food is to die for, so if you are local come out and eat!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm 29...

I was walking the other evening, and the thought of my upcoming birthday (in January) made be breathe a little harder. My twenties are slipping through my fingers, and in a few months they'll be gone. So every post from now until then I will start with "I'm 29", or "I'm in my twenties".

So, here goes, I'm 29, and here is today's post. Well, let's see since the last time I've talked to you, we've had a major change in our nation, as well as in our county. I'm usually private with my political beliefs, so I will not comment on if I'm happy or disappointed, because at this point we have a President-elect, and I have AND will always respect our Commander in Chief, no matter race, sex, color, politcal stances. I may not always agree, but the wonderful thing about living in America, is I will not be crucified for my beliefs and neither should anyone else. I will also say that it has been moving watching America seem to unite. I've not witnessed this, since September 11th, 2001, and I hope it continues. Let's leave this country better than we found it, for our children, and our children's children.

I also have to say about my daughter Maddie, how proud I was watching her so focused on the election results. Pen and paper in hand, she kept track of electoral votes, until she could not keep her eyes open any longer. I was almost brought to tears watching her. In 5th grade I could not have cared less who our President was, and wonder if I even knew. And there she was completely up-to-date on each candidate. Knowing what they represented, their brief biographies, and watching intently on the next state to come across, and if it would be red or blue.

Okay, enough politics, on to my CrAzY life. It's Thursday, two days before the wedding I am in, and I'm 29 (did I mention that already?)how 'bout that list of to-do's? Well, folks yesterday I had my hair high-lighted,(check), mani/pedi today at 1:30(check, check), and my hair and make-up appointments have been made (check, check, check). I've been summoning the rays of UV (A & B)really wanted to avoid fake-baking, but just could not, sorry Gramps. I tried to get spray-tanned Tuesday evening, but since the booth was broken, it didn't work out so well. The bed should be working by Friday. I had hoped to get three spray-tan's in by the wedding, now it looks like just one. Here is my question to you all...Sun City said while they do not have a Mystic Booth, they do Air-brushing. And personally, I SO want to be airbrushed! However, that means stripping down in front of someone in order to do it, rather than having the privacy of the Mystic Booth. Which is really fine, I'm not shy when it comes to beauty rituals. Now in other areas, completely different story, but when it comes to taking one for the team in order to look better, I shed whatever needs shed. So if anyone has ever been airbrushed (I'm thinking like "Sunset Tan"-ish), please give your opinions on this, they will be processed, and appreciated.

I'm off tomorrow to help decorate. We have a definite game plan, so I'm betting everything will be very smooth. Monday morning I will fill you in on the details...wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Could You Handle an Emergency? What to Do in 12 Scary Situations

As a self-proclaimed "spaz", I often wonder if I could handle terrifying emergencies. Remember when my toddler thought a snake crawled up his pants? Yeah, didn't handle that so well, now did I? Anyway, I wanted to share these 12 situations I came across with you, because you never know when an emergency may occur.

**You see your toddler at the bottom of the pool.**
Imagine this: You take your eyes off your toddler for just a few seconds in your neighbor's backyard, and suddenly you see her body at the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool. Terrified, your first instinct is to leap in.

Don't do it. First tell another person to call 911, and then grab something that floats -- like a raft or a chair cushion -- before you jump in, experts warn. "Most people actually aren't strong enough swimmers to get a child out of a pool without using a flotation device," says B.J. Fisher, director of health and safety for the American Lifeguard Association. "The child will drag you back down." This is just one of the many errors that parents make in those types of scary situations you have nightmares about. Sometimes, we simply react without thinking. Other times, we rely on outdated medical information or home remedies that have no scientific evidence to back them up. Here are more worst-case scenarios, and the right and wrong ways to help your family.

**A cup of hot coffee spills on your child's leg.**
Wrong response: Put ice on it.

Smart move: Quickly remove any clothing, run cool water on the burn for 10 minutes, and then cover it loosely with gauze. Ice and even cold water may further damage the skin. "Your child can actually get a frostbite-like injury if you put ice directly on the skin, especially if the skin is already damaged from a burn," says Bob Waddell, who trains paramedics in pediatric care for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. Don't put butter or antibiotic ointment on the burn either. If the wound blisters, call the doctor, especially if the blisters are larger than a quarter.

**You're driving and see a tornado approaching.**
Wrong response: Take shelter under an overpass as soon as possible.

Smart move: If traffic is light and you can see that the tornado is distant, try to drive out of its path by moving at a right angle to it. Otherwise, park your car and go inside a sturdy building, says Roger Edwards, a meteorologist at the Storm Prediction Center. If you're in open country, run to low ground away from cars and trees, which could be blown onto you. Lie facedown, protecting the back of your head with your arms, and tell your children to do the same. "Seeking shelter under a bridge or an overpass offers little protection against deadly flying debris," Edwards says.

**You lose your child in a store.**
Wrong response: Search for him yourself.

Smart move: Call out to your child, do a quick search, and then immediately find a store worker. "Don't be afraid to ask for help," says Nancy McBride, national safety director for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. "Store associates have been trained to know what to do if a child is missing -- manning exits and entrances, checking restrooms, and looking under clothing displays." If you don't find your child soon, call the police.

**You're confronted by a black bear in the woods.**
Wrong response: Play dead.

Smart move: Most black bears are not interested in people and can be scared away, says Tim Smith, a former wilderness EMT and owner of Jack Mountain Bushcraft and Guide Service, in Masardis, Maine. Stand up as tall as you can (hold your arms up to appear bigger), and speak in a deep, loud voice while backing up slowly. If the bear charges or starts to attack, believe it or not, you should fight back vigorously. If you can, hit him in the nose, since that's a bear's main sensory organ. Whatever you do, don't run. "If you run, the bear is going to chase you, and it can run faster than you can," says Smith. However, you should play dead if a brown grizzly bear charges at you, because they typically won't be scared away. (There are no grizzlies east of the Rocky Mountains.)

**You find your toddler holding medicine, but don't know if she's eaten any.**
Wrong response: Watch her carefully for signs of sickness.

Smart move: Call Poison Control immediately at 800-222-1222 -- experts are available 24/7. "Don't wait to see what happens," says Richard Dart, MD, director of the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center. "They'll be able to tell you right away if the medicine is toxic and whether you should take your child to the emergency room." Some poisons take a while to have a serious impact, and by that time it could be too late.

**You and your child get caught in a riptide.**
Wrong response: Try to swim directly toward shore.

Smart move: Swim parallel to the beach until you're beyond the pull of the current, and then slowly swim back to shore so you don't get tired. Most riptides are only 20 to 60 feet wide, says Fisher. People can drown when they panic or become exhausted struggling against the current.

**Your child gets hit in the head and falls to the ground, unconscious.**
Wrong response: Take him to the hospital.

Smart move: Call 911. He could have a spinal or brain injury, and moving him could make the injury worse, says Anne Stack, MD, clinical chief of pediatric emergency medicine at Children's Hospital Boston. Make sure that your child is breathing and that he has a pulse. If he doesn't, start CPR immediately. Otherwise, shake him very gently and call his name to see whether he'll wake up.

**Your child gets stung by a jellyfish.**
Wrong response: Put rubbing alcohol or urine on the wound.

Smart move: Rinse it with sea water (fresh water will make the wound even more painful) and remove any visible tentacles, recommends Paul Auerbach, MD, an emergency physician at Stanford University Medical Center and author of Medicine for the Outdoors. Then soak a napkin or cloth with white vinegar and apply continuously until your child no longer seems to be in pain. (Lifeguards often carry a vinegar solution. But if none is on hand, send someone to get some from a nearby home, store, or restaurant.) Vinegar will deactivate the stinging cells of most jellyfish, which otherwise can cause pain for 30 minutes or more. If your child has any sign of an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, wheezing, or hives), seek emergency medical care right away.

**Your child gets poked in the eye.**
Wrong response: Pry her eye open to look for an injury.

Smart move: Gently cover the area by taping gauze or a clean, dry washcloth to her face, and then head to the ER. Trying to open her eye, putting ice on it, or applying pressure could cause more problems, which can lead to vision loss, says Dr. Stack. Covering her eye will make it harder for your child to rub or touch it -- and if the cornea has been scratched, keeping her eye closed will ease the irritation.

**Your car plunges into a river.**
Wrong response: Wait until the water pressure is equalized, when water has covered the door, before trying to get out.

Smart move: Every minute is precious, so don't wait, says Pete Gannon, president of Dive Rescue International, which provides water-rescue training. As soon as you hit the water, unfasten your seat belt and try to open a door or window. Even if you have power windows and automatic door locks, hit the button, because they'll probably still open for a few minutes. If you can't open anything, focus on breaking a window by hitting it in the corner. "Most car windows are tempered, so if you hit them in the corner, they will shatter into small pieces," says Gannon. Use a hard shoe, a soda bottle, one key poking out of your fist, or, better yet, keep a small LifeHammer (which can also cut seat belts off) in your glove compartment. It's true that it will be easier to open the door once the pressure has equalized, but it could be too late or the door could be jammed.

**Your child gets bitten by a snake that could be poisonous.**
Wrong response: Apply a tourniquet or try to suck the venom out with your mouth.

Smart move: Call an ambulance or just get to your car and head to the nearest emergency room, where antivenom can be administered. Call the hospital or Poison Control on the way because some hospitals will need to fly in the antivenom. Minimize movement of your child's bitten limb (carry him if you can) and keep it below heart level. "I've had many cases where the injury caused by a tourniquet was worse than the injury from the snake bite," says Dr. Dart.

**Originally published in the October 2008 issue of Parents magazine.**