Monday, December 1, 2008

What's new?

Well, let's see....

**I survived the trip to Enterprise, Alabama and back. I not only survived it, I (gasp)allowed myself to have fun without the husband and kid's. We had a few mishaps, and surprises along the way, including an almost trip to the E.R. around Montgomery. I'm guessing heading for home at 80 miles an hour, wasn't exciting enough for my father, and he had to throw a little excitement into the mix.

The events surrounding my brother's graduation, though, were amazing. At each new accomplishment, I say I could not be more proud of him, yet he continues to amaze me.

**I made it back in time to spend Thanksgiving with my family, was greeted with the best hugs ever, and presented with documents stating I would never, ever leave again. Just kidding about the documents, but I was told how important I was to our household, and it was realized just how much I do. Seriously, this is all I ask from them, acknowledge what I do, thank me, brag on me a bit, and I'm at their beck & call for life.

**Friday was a half day at work for me, and the rest of the afternoon, winterizing everything, putting up the outside toys, and what not. We took a little drive, late afternoon, and ended up picking up a couple pizzas, and going to bed super-early, it was lovely.

**Saturday was my yearly Christmas shopping trip with my mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. We did some major shopping, but (sigh) I've still got a ways to go. Not counting my husband and 3 children, I filled up an entire notebook page of people I needed to by a gift for.

**Sunday, I cleaned and organized like nobody's business. While my husband had our home in very good shape for my return, I had laundry to tackle and was just in the mood for orgaization. I guess my energy came from not having much responsibility the last week.

**Today, I'm back in our routine, and tonight a quick trip up to J.C. to visit my dad in the hospital, after having his gall bladder taken out this morning.

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