Monday, June 23, 2008

New Scam!!

So, guess what happened to me? I've been a victim of identity theft! Somewhere, somehow, my debit card number was used to set up multiple dating sights. Can you imagine my surprise, when I logged into my checking account, and see a debit for lava (which I didn't know what it was at the time, but Google is great isn't it?)? My first instinct was, well I'm not sure what my FIRST instinct was, because a few different scenarios flashed thru my mind, I'm not exactly proud to say. I was furious, but had no where to channel my rage. I called the number listed beside lava life-telling them I did not sign up for this particular service, and could I have the name of the person who did. They were great to offer to cancel my account, but I had to first give them my debit card number-isn't that what got me in this pickle to begin with? I politely refused for the time being, but PROMISED to call them back. I then called my bank, informing them what had happened, then asking protocol on how to cancel my MEMBERSHIP to the sight. A few minutes later, I received a call from my friend and employee of the bank, saying she noticed TWO other debits from Singles sights. She told me to go ahead and give them my debit account number, since the card had been "hot-carded" and would no longer be allowed to make purchases. (Yes, I was kind enough to let my husband know, so that he wouldn't be embarrassed if he tried to purchase gas a little later that day).

So here's the skinny.....I called all three places cancelling-they were understanding (guess this happens more than people think) but they would not give me the name of the thief. Here they STEAL from me, but are still protected. All I know is that they did use the name Angela, but did not use my last name. In hindsight, I should have told them I forgot my user name and pin-just so that I could see what I looked like on the sight. The last CS rep told me that there is a new scam out there, in which the thief gets hold of the credit card/debit card number, sets the sights up, and that I "got off easy". They then take poor unsuspecting daters.....for tens of thousands of dollars. A new version of the Nigerian Scam.

While I have my suspicions, I am not sure how they got my number-and it scares me, that I am careful, and yet it still happened to me. So be careful-guys!

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Life is Wonderful said...

HOLY CRAP! I guess you are lucky you caught it so soon..but still, that is scary!