Friday, November 21, 2008

This is dedicated to the one I love....

Okay, so I briefly mentioned a few posts ago, that I recently celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary, but that's all the attention it got, both in blogger world, and in real life. I was in a wedding on our special day, and so wrapped up in that, I barely gave the anniv a 2nd thought.

So this post is dedicated to the man I have loved, since I was all of 13 years old. Here are 11 reasons why he's still "the one".

**He still makes me giddy at times, and I definitely still get the "butterflies".**

**He drives me absolutely crazy at times, which I find challenging. I could not respect a man that let's me railroad him. I enjoy going toe-to-toe with Cody, and I enjoy the making up even more.**

**My children look at him with complete hero-worship.Let's face it, there is nothing sexier than a man who is great with children, but to visibly see the children you created together's love for their father shining in their little's indescribable.**

**He makes me stop and smell the roses. Seriously, there are times he physically has to stop my motoring around like an absolute nutcase, and make me enjoy the beauty in life. It's no secret Cody likes to play, but he makes sure I play, too.**

**Which leads into, he wants me to go with him. I love that he enjoys my company and wants to be with me, would rather take me at times than his friends. Which is why you hear me talk about going gigging with him, or cutting wood with him, yeah sometimes it's not exactly my cup of tea, but that he wants me to go, makes me want to go.**

**We laugh together...A LOT. I'd go as far as saying in my world, "The couple who laughs together stays together". Because it's been our laughter that has gotten us through the gut wrenching times. And I do have to say we have the worst luck ever and if we couldn't laugh about it, we'd be in a very sad shape.**

**He's taught me to listen to the words of songs. Once again, this has to do with my inability to stop and smell the roses...but when he comes to me and tells me I need to hear a song, it's honestly like a love letter to me. Where he has trouble verbalizing his feelings, he finds it easy to compare us and our love to through this he has complimented our relationship.**

**He doesn't mind that my hair looks very 80's hairband in the morning, and prefers me without make-up. Being highstrung like I am makes it impossible for me to relax around people, so that I feel comfortable around Cody, is priceless to me.**

**He talks about racing wheelchairs around our wrap around porch one day. Corny, I know...but he sees us growing old together and still having as much fun when we are 80, than when we were teenagers.**

**Our children's future is just as important to him as it is me. Our lives are our children, and if their success in this world is our only success in this world, than we'll have had a good life. We share a dream of raising socially conscious, kind-hearted, hard-working adults, and work well as a team to ensure this happens.**

**He asked me once if we were soul-mates, and I replied,"I'm sure on paper there is someone that suits us both better". So no I do not believe in soul-mates in that respect, but I know without a single doubt, "I found the one whom my soul loves" Song of Solomon)and that without him, I would not feel whole.**

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