Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm 29...

I was walking the other evening, and the thought of my upcoming birthday (in January) made be breathe a little harder. My twenties are slipping through my fingers, and in a few months they'll be gone. So every post from now until then I will start with "I'm 29", or "I'm in my twenties".

So, here goes, I'm 29, and here is today's post. Well, let's see since the last time I've talked to you, we've had a major change in our nation, as well as in our county. I'm usually private with my political beliefs, so I will not comment on if I'm happy or disappointed, because at this point we have a President-elect, and I have AND will always respect our Commander in Chief, no matter race, sex, color, politcal stances. I may not always agree, but the wonderful thing about living in America, is I will not be crucified for my beliefs and neither should anyone else. I will also say that it has been moving watching America seem to unite. I've not witnessed this, since September 11th, 2001, and I hope it continues. Let's leave this country better than we found it, for our children, and our children's children.

I also have to say about my daughter Maddie, how proud I was watching her so focused on the election results. Pen and paper in hand, she kept track of electoral votes, until she could not keep her eyes open any longer. I was almost brought to tears watching her. In 5th grade I could not have cared less who our President was, and wonder if I even knew. And there she was completely up-to-date on each candidate. Knowing what they represented, their brief biographies, and watching intently on the next state to come across, and if it would be red or blue.

Okay, enough politics, on to my CrAzY life. It's Thursday, two days before the wedding I am in, and I'm 29 (did I mention that already?)how 'bout that list of to-do's? Well, folks yesterday I had my hair high-lighted,(check), mani/pedi today at 1:30(check, check), and my hair and make-up appointments have been made (check, check, check). I've been summoning the rays of UV (A & B)really wanted to avoid fake-baking, but just could not, sorry Gramps. I tried to get spray-tanned Tuesday evening, but since the booth was broken, it didn't work out so well. The bed should be working by Friday. I had hoped to get three spray-tan's in by the wedding, now it looks like just one. Here is my question to you all...Sun City said while they do not have a Mystic Booth, they do Air-brushing. And personally, I SO want to be airbrushed! However, that means stripping down in front of someone in order to do it, rather than having the privacy of the Mystic Booth. Which is really fine, I'm not shy when it comes to beauty rituals. Now in other areas, completely different story, but when it comes to taking one for the team in order to look better, I shed whatever needs shed. So if anyone has ever been airbrushed (I'm thinking like "Sunset Tan"-ish), please give your opinions on this, they will be processed, and appreciated.

I'm off tomorrow to help decorate. We have a definite game plan, so I'm betting everything will be very smooth. Monday morning I will fill you in on the details...wish me luck.

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