Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello, again!

I'm 29 and I've been a bit absentee lately, but the good news is I had 2 whole days off in a row, in the middle of the week. That hasn't happened since my last maternity leave. But having those two days off has meant doing double time here at the office to catch up. But in the end.....totally worth it.

So, what have I been up to? Recovering from this past weekend's wedding. Don't get me wrong it was a good time, but I'm thoroughly exhausted. I'm apparently a little more high maintenance than I thought I was. With tanning, and highlights, having hair and make-up done, a pedicure...after balancing my check book this week, it's expensive to be on tip of everything....and a whole hell of a lot of time and energy....both of which I'm usually on the short end of. That is why my friends you so often see me in a ponytail and jeans.

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride and groom (or handsome rather). Maddie and I "partied 'til we were purple" (yeah I don't get the sayings of 5th graders either). A bonus: My brother drove up from Alabama to attend. It was great seeing him, and in honor of his visit my parents hosted an impromptu Thanksgiving, since our Thanksgiving this year will be in Alabama, or Tennessee, or possibly Kentucky, depending on how energetic our driving is. (More on this situation later).

This week the school kid's had Stanford testing, which meant good news for Cody and myself...for the followining reasons...No homework, no Spelling lists to study, & early bedtimes!! Hooray for Stanford testing!!

I guess you heard the rumor deer season opens tomorrow. Or maybe guessed, if your husband's are anything like mine, the men have all lost their damn minds!! I haven't seen Cody so excited, since.....well, since last deer season. It has been extremely difficult to not roll my eyes as Cody excitedly plots his hunting strategy, and menu for the deer camp. Oh well, it's only once a year right?

As for my weekend plans...dinner and a movie with my kiddo's. frozen pizza, and a dvd we already have at home, & bread & pie baking for our church's Fall Supper tomorrow. Ooh, and hopefully the snow flurries they are calling for.

Tomorrow, a lazy Saturday until my shift at the Fall Supper. I love my position (granted it's a little high stress at times), but I never dread having to give up a Saturday night to do my job. And the food is to die for, so if you are local come out and eat!

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