Thursday, November 20, 2008


Okay, I have to ask you all a serious question, come on be honest. Have any of you ever soaked your tampons in alcohol, and ahem....used them, in order to get a quick buzz?

According to Dr. Travis Stork (aka the Hot Doc on The Doctor's) this is actually something that women are doing. Hey, I'm with you....the thought of alcohol around the hoo-ha is one of the most unappealing thoughts I can conjure up, as well, but it was too unbelievable not to share.

Hope this provides a chuckle.


Life is Wonderful said...

First off....I am IN LOVE WITH Travis Stork....: )

Second off...I don't get this...women are soaking them in alcohol and then using them and this causes a buzz??? HOw is that possible???

These are the days said...

I'm really not sure...the only thing I can think is....absorbancy??...Like I heard that if you have the flu and wouldn't be able to keep your birth control pill down, you can actually insert it vaginally, and it will be just as effective...But I am not willing to try this, although I do have a hilarious story about why I would never try this I'll tell you sometime.