Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I should have enjoyed my "uneventful" weekend, because this week is busy, busy.

Last night my boys had haircuts, and Maddie had piano lessons. Thankfully, I had put on a pot of soup in the trusty ol' crockpot that morning, and it was just about perfect by the time we got home.

Tonight, a meeting at Church for the Nominations Committee....check your caller i.d.'s tonight if you attend my church because we may come calling begging your help.

Wednesday I have an orthodontist appt. Long story short, karma is a bitch, and I've been a "lazy" invisalign wearer for some years now. I'll probably get a lecture, because it's been forever since I've last went for a check up. I dread it!

On Thursday, parent teacher conferences-yay!! I'm such a nerd I know! My kid's work very hard in school, and I love meeting with their teachers and hearing about their successes. I've honestly not had a bad one yet. Later that evening I'm going to my cousin's house for a meeting of minds. We are going to do crafts for her wedding (God help her-Crafty and Angie have never been words used in the same sentence) and plotting strategies on how best to decorate her reception hall for her wedding. Did I mention she is getting married on a particularly stellar day? That would be the 8th of November-my hubby's and my 111th anniversary. (Yes we have been married over a century, or so it seems!).

Friday is my one free day this week. Nothing planned, and hopefully nothing to plan.

Saturday, I'm going with my fabulous sister-in-law to watch her try on two equally fabulous dresses she has narrowed down for her re-nuptials(?). ( I say get both, one for the ceremony, and one for the reception-woo-hoo!) The story behind this, is my brother was whisked away to Flight School, so they opted for a small, intimate wedding, on May 09, 2007. Now the big she-bang is to follow on May 09, 2009.

Later Saturday evening our Church's annual Halloween Party. I so, love Halloween. And look forward to this party every year. The kid's have so much fun, with games, attendance prizes, costume judging, and usually a haunted house..... the best part though?.....the chili of course, and me not cooking it!


Sarah said...

SO glad you're posting again!!!

These are the days said...

Thank you, I'm glad to be back!