Monday, October 20, 2008

It's been forever and a day, since I last posted. Not that I haven't had anything to talk about that was interesting, funny, or annoying to me. I just haven't had (okayyyy, made) the time. Lately, I've been itchy to jump back into the world of blogging, and hopefully, can stay on track.

You'll be pleased to know, that I am somewhat more organized, than when we last talked. I'm very proud of this, except, I think I may be becoming a bit more O.C.D than usual (I kid, I kid, sort of). While I'm not exactly creating crazy rituals in order from keeping my universe from spinning out of control. I have become obsessed with keeping everything on a tight schedule, in order to....well, keep my universe from spinning out of control. My inner control freak is slowly taking over the hippy that lives inside....

Back to the task at hand....telling you about my weekend. (obviously, the ADHD hasn't gotten any better) I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Friday night while Maddie was at a Halloween Party, (watching Children of the Corn, mind you, and not even scared, even though her mother to this day is still frightened of cornfields AND children with biblical names) the hubby and I took Cash and Gavin to Pizza Inn. The reason behind our restaurant choice? (bragging rights in three, two, one...) Gavin was "Student of the Week" raise the roof, hoot, hoot!! (Wow, this sounds much cuter when Maddie says it) Gavin if you remember has quite a time sitting still and concentrating, so this is a major deal, and we wanted to take him out in order to celebrate. After Pizza Inn, we went to his favorite store in the world, where he spent 30 minutes trying to decide what to spend his allowance money on. We headed back to pick our party animal up by 8:30, and I think were all asleep by 9:30....ahhh heaven.

Saturday we FINALLY tackled picking up the office, also known as...the catch-all room. I'm so pleased to report all that is in it, is a table, snapshots that I have yet to put in an album (my Wednesday project) and a couple Uppercase Living projects, that I am saving for a workday my mom and I are having, since neither of us are artistically inclined.

After our cleaning project we decided to just drive around, while I looked at the Fall leaves, and the boys looked for animals. Eventually, we made it home in time for a nap...takeout from the Eagles, and Cody & Gavin leaving for the evening to watch Mizzou lose :-(. Cash (who wasn't feeling well, and I who hadn't quite fully awoke from my power nap, hung out and made crayon roads for his trucks to drive thru, until he tuckered out. Then I settled in to watch Sex and the City movie. (I know I'm months late....but I've been busy, busy. While I liked the movie, I think I expected much more, and over-played it in my head, and was ever-so-slightly disappointed.) After the movie ended, the boys STILL weren't home, so I headed upstairs for a "Calgon take me away" moment, and to shave my legs sans interuptions. Had yet, another early to bed evening.....

.....And late to rise morning. Not long after we all got up, my sister-in-law (whom I think was feeling slightly suicidal) decided to take my sons to Meremac Springs for the day. She tackled (all by herself) my boys who are 7 & 2, her children: 3 & 13 months. You're a brave woman, and I salute you.....and Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because the last time my husband and I have had that many consequetive hours honestly too long ago to remember.

So what did we do? Was it romantic? Well, not exactly, but it was fun. We cut a load of much needed wood, as it get's chilly down in the Valley. After that, we spent time driving around the farm on the Gator, scientifically deciding where to hang deer stands, and blinds for the fast approaching Gun portion of Deer Season. While it may not have been my pick, it was a gorgeous day, and the man DID help me clean the office. And there was so much LAUGHTER. We genuinely do have a great time when we are together. I think that is what gets us through the tough times.

Well, hope you enjoyed hearing from me again. And hopefully, I can keep in touch. ;-)

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