Thursday, October 23, 2008

(sigh) I'm so last minute, that I honestly disgust myself sometimes. Maybe it's that sliver of hippy in me dying to have some say. Or that I secretly like drama, so by waiting until the last minute, creates what I crave..Or maybe....ahhh...there it is that over-analizing control freak I've been looking for to take charge.

I'm in a wedding....on the 8th of November... I think I may have mentioned this. That's pretty close, right? Let's go over my to-do list, together shall we?

  • Borrow shoes
  • Have dress altered
  • Highlight hair/maintain eyebrows; schedule updo and make-up the day of
  • doing something about my pasty complexion I'm sporting at the moment. I REALLY do not want to lay in a tanning bed-but getting a spray tan is inconvenient, since I work here in town, and have 3 kid's, and an uber-hectic schedule.
  • Writing my wedding toast to the happy couple

Now let's see what I've accomplished thus far.

  • I have asked about the shoes, and it's up to me to go by and pick them up, hopefully tonight.
  • Once I have the shoes, I am heading to our little town's amazing seamstress; since the sewing genes are M.I.A. from my D.N.A. She does amazing work, and her prices are unbelievable.
  • As I'm typing right now, I am on the phone with my stylist (sounds so professional right? LOL) and I have a hair appointment, but not sure if she's available for the fixing me up the day of the wedding. Hmmm....she'll let me know next week. Double Hmmm....what to do, what to do.....what do you guys think, should I try to get in somewhere else?
  • As for the speech/toast, I have an idea, thanks to my insomnia, and my spasdic thought process. It's just getting my thoughts organized, and then memorized. I did check out a site of the Do's and Don'ts(okay how do you properly spell this: Don'ts, Don't's, Dont's-I'm having such a bad grammar day!) Anyway, one of the Do Not's(?) was Do not give your speech drunk! (Damn! jk-sort of) While I'm not a big drinker, I suffer from paralyzing stage fright. I'm terribly self-conscious and don't like people looking at me, AT ALL. I'm totally the girl pacing back and forth mumbling to myself in the bathroom, nursing a Bud Light. Yep, that is me, when I've given the few toasts/speeches I've given. And you know who you are, and you know how much I care for you to have put myself out there...FEEL SPECIAL PEOPLE...that's all I'm saying.

Okay, not so bad after writing it all down...but any helpful organizational tips will be welcomed. I can't promise the hippy in me will let me use them, but they will be appreciated.

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