Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day off?

Yesterday (and all Wednesday's for that matter) was my day off. But I use the term "day off" very loosely. Usually, on Tuesday nights, sometime in the conversation my husband will say, "oh, yeah, your off tomorrow". For someone reason this makes me cringe, a little. It's not like I'm hopping the next flight for the French Riviera. Here's a little inside look to my day off.

*Slept in until 7:15 a.m., and started my first of 5 loads of laundry.
*Made smoothies ('cause someone got a new blender!) and french toast for the kid's.
*Swept/mopped/vacuumed every room
*Stripped the bedsheets
*Dusted the living room
*Power cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms.
*Made the kid's pizza for lunch
*Stopped everything for a moment to take the kid's swimming at my parents house
*Put the little one down for his nap
*Did more laundry
*Cleaned out the pantry-there was a sack of potatoes that was on it's way to being vodka
*Made all of the beds and put laundry away
*Washed living room windows...not because I wanted to, but in my children's effort to help...they used my "dusting" rag, on the windows therefore smearing them to the point I thought my blood sugar was low, and my vision had blurred.
*Made an incredible recipe that I will post in the future, for dinner...baked chicken with artichokes, tomatoes, and pesto
*Walked 3 miles
*Went for a 4 Wheeler ride with two of my children and noticed that the blackberries are ready..pleasant surprise.
*Played catcher to my daughter (who pitches)
*Made brownies
*Cleaned up kitchen
*Made my husband's lunch for the following day.
*Watered my flowers
*Gave baths.
*Tucked in my two older children, kissed the husband who was watching t.v.
*Read Cash a story about whales....(bonus points)I didn't even pull the trick where you turn 2 pages, instead of one, so that the story gets over faster, even thought the material was less than thrillling.

Now I'm at work today, and while it's's a little bit of a vacay compared to day off.

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Sarah said...

I doubt many other people would get that much done on their day off!! I can't blame you for enjoying being back to work! :)