Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gavin: I love you mom and I'm really glad you gave birth to me!!
Cash: I love you mommy!
Gavin: I love you, you’re the best mom in the whole wide world, and I'm so glad you and dad met and got married and are my parents.
Maddie: Want me to rub your back?

Me: Wha..Wha...What the heck? What did you three do? Did your dad tell you to say these things?

Gavin & Cash:(in unison)YES (hey, at least they're honest)

I know I've touched on this topic before, but I'm going to touch on it again, and in the future, probably still yet again.

I love doing things for my husband and children. They are my life. My entire universe revolves around them. There is not a decision I make that I don't do a mental rundown on how the outcome may affect my four loves. Unfortunately, my husband has been rendered borderline helpless because I handle...well...honestly I handle everything. I make sure our household runs smooth. I am the maid, the chef, the tutorer, the pitcher, the catcher, the financial analyst, the personal shopper, the gardener, and the chauffeur, and 28 days a month (26 in Feb) everything runs pretty much like clockwork, and I can do it with a smile. There's just those pesky hormone-overloaded couple days a month that I feel underappreciated. Where, I'm disgusted by the very monsters I created. I feel overwhelmed, under loved, and frankly I just need to hear how awesome I am from my loved ones.

It's only taken 13 years of life together, but the husband finally has his PMS radar locked in on mood swings. He can recognize the change in me with ease now. That's when he takes the kid's out of my hair for a couple hours, and they come back, rehearsed and ready to let the compliments(as ridiculous as some of them are..."thank you for giving birth to me"...really?)fly. But as ridiculous as they are, I need to hear them. It fills me with purpose, and gives me the energy to take on the world, for the next 28 days, anyway.

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