Friday, July 24, 2009

God is my homeboy!

Yesterday morning I arrived at work, knowing that my boss lady (affectionately known as mom) was handling a house inspection and wouldn't be into the office until mid-morning. I opened my purse for my office keys, but could not find them anywhere. I opened the ashtray of my vehicle which we use as a loose change/sometimes key holder and they weren't there either. Then I remembered I'd walked to the post office right before I'd left the office the night before, and as my stomach sank, remembered tossing the keys on my desk, but had no recollection of retrieving them before left. "Please God", I said more to myself out of frustration, than as an actual prayer, and opened my purse up, right to my office keys. It made me stop and say an actual prayer of thanks to Him. I've really neglected prayer lately, and felt extremely guilty.

Later that day, I was in desperate need of caffeine in the form of a Diet Pepsi. I searched through my loose change, finding all the "silver" I needed for the soda machine, except one dime. I decided to count out 10 pennies and trade them into the boss lady for a dime, but upon doing so, found a dime, that I swear was not there before. I took this as another nudge from God showing his awesomeness, and said another prayer of thanks. Not a "Dear Lord, thank you for this dime and for the soda I'm about to receive", but a "Thank you for giving me this reminder that you're always there, and for the wake-up call to get back into the groove of praying, and attending church.

The final miracle happened when remembered a bill that I forgot to pay. It was due the 17th. It's always been due the 17th. I looked through my "bill folder" and could not find the bill. So, I went to the website, logged in, and not only wasn't there a bill, but I have a zero balance. There will be no more bills, ever from this account.

Now, I'm sure there are some of you that are thinking all 3 of my miracles can be explained. "You overlooked your keys and the dime, and you just forgot you made your final payment last month." I don't think so, I choose to believe I had a little help from a Higher Power, and I promised to blog about that today to spread his greatness!

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